Somewhere I Can Hear My Heart Beating

by Inverness

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released October 25, 2010

All songs written by Inverness, except track 1, written by Marci Kühn.

Recorded between December 2009 and August 2010 in the studios Paulo B, Lamparina and at home.

Mixed and mastered by Lucas de Almeida.

Inverness is:

Lucas de Almeida - Guitar, voice, sampler
Mateus Perito - Guitar, voice, sampler
Marcio Barcha - Drums, percussion
Flavio Fraschetti - Bass

Additional musicians: Sabine Holler, voice on track 2.

Distributed under Creative Commons Licence 3.0




Inverness São Paulo, Brazil

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Track Name: Somewhere I Can Hear My Heart Beating
Out through a crack
My secret garden was discovered
We ran and laughed
Across the green land

The trees blurred as we passed
Butterflies suddenly turned into bright colors

Grass so green smelling so pink
Clouds as tasty as cotton candy
My valentine as beautiful as that sunrise

Somewhere I can hear my heart beating
Somewhere I can hear your eyelids blinking
Somewhere I can hear my heart beating
Somewhere I can't see my hands bleeding

In a tree our love was inspired
Yet I woke up to discover
My secret garden was
Only in my dreams
Track Name: Inside Diamonds
living between the lines of thought
behind a wall of confusion
inside a room full of mirrors
i see a droplet of summer
it fills my life with sound
oh, it fills me up

if you're ever stuck inside the heart of a diamond
watching lights converge between the shapes and the shadows
think about the things you love the most and forget them
because you'll be there forever
Track Name: Cloud Liquor
inside these hands there's a country
the fields cut by roads and the sweet tall grass
flowing softly, licked by the wind and the rain coming down hard
i hold tight in a tree outside for the winds will loudly grow

inside these hands there's a country
and as twilight approaches i will sing my oldest songs
i will try to make my voice like a bird awakened suddenly
and all the ghosts will rise through the dust and i will know this is paradise

i look up to the bright black sky
and i see your face beyond the clouds
lift me up from this dusty lawn
so i can die in the loneliness of your eyes
Track Name: Room In Twilight
sunlight withers through the clouds
as the air moves slowly through the house
the living room silently awaits
for the wood to reveal winter's fate
i sit alone and think of a way
to turn the floor into a park in spring
the cold starts to sneak in through the door
like a ghost, hiding what it brings

the lights start fading over time
yet my tired eyes seem to realise

that i've been staring at the lines
the glow draws all over the walls
and the shadows playing with the lights
like children running in the dark
holding the sun as their prize
calling the night with their cries
painting my eyes with the ink
the gloom spills over everything

my room comes alive at twilight

although i try to, sometimes i can't see it
in through the window a blue light surrounding
like tides in the ocean the waves break around me
their colours the hue of a blood spilled in battle
the sun and the moon draw swords over the evening
in their wake i rest on the blossoming stillness

something so simple, the falling of darkness
can keep my mind at work for hours

i sit and wait for summertime

i lay down and i think of things to do with you
because i know
somewhere in the darkness
glows the shadow of your passion
Track Name: Watermelon Fog
wake up early to see how the fog tangles the life that's within a meadow
tangles the life that's within myself
tangles the movement of my intentions

when the spring comes to light the mist like wildfire carried by gusts of wind
it lights up the shadows within my mind
and paints on the canvas of my illusion

the first ray of sunlight wakes
all through the valley the fog lays
the last breath that winter takes
there is a time i will, someday
Track Name: Lovesong For A Leaf
in this gray and lonely solstice
i wonder why i sit and do nothing
but look at all the leaves in their stillness
waiting for what, i don't know

you seem to find your peace with the trees
you look at a branch and its life is within you
i love just how the lights close your fingers
as they collect stellar dust

when i was a little younger
i loved to see how the wind would rustle
the leaves i'd go and follow
where they went i would know where i was
Track Name: In The Sea
lying here with you by my side
my mind starts to wander away
beyond the wall into the clouds
whose rich light breathes upon us

my love for you is like a ship
and i'll sail it out of this room
in the raging sea that surrounds us
i'll go where your warming colourphony wants to

the sea is my mother
the land is my lover

from the deep end i watch the shore
bathed by sunlight slipped through a crack in the clouds
see the children and the colors
all blurring as i take a dive

lost in the high seas, looking for a place
i can hear my heart beat so sofly
and all the things i love are around me
Track Name: Life's Echoes
as the rising sun takes claim of
a good old friend of mine, the earth
i wake up to watch the morning
i just have to let it fill my heart
when the evening spills its colors
all over the wilderness of my dreams
i'll surrender to the night
for it loves to sweetly close my eyes

when you open a book
and you read me a line
i'll be sure to watch your lips move
and the sunlight play with the lines in your eyes
but i can't tell if i can hear what you're saying at all

all my dreams are made of summer
yet in wintertime i just can't sleep
i get lost in rainy days
and i picture where my feet could be
i try to sing for lives around us
but all i hear are echoes of me
Track Name: Tomorrow
sometimes i can hold my breath
and sometimes i will hold it so
that no one knows

everytime i close my eyes
i hear the world around me
flowing and moving and dancing and raining

sometimes i laugh without knowing
as if the love within me
is overflowing

tomorrow looks brighter and brighter every day